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My name is Shannon. I am nearly 40 years old. I have three sons. My kids are freaking awesome. I am married to Patrik. I used to live in the UK and work with a nightclub chaplain and I often miss living in that life and participating in that work. I love Taco Bell. I love Dr. Pepper. I like to read. I love studying ancient Roman history and archaeology. I often have insomnia and it’s frustrating. I’ve gotten to travel to many places in this world and hope to travel to many more. I believe Jesus and I love Him because I have seen Him for myself. I’m getting free from religion. I used to have a lot more deep thoughts than I do now, and I have to admit, I’m a bit less tormented by the questions than I used to be, but sometimes I miss the journey that the deep thoughts and questions would take me on… perhaps I can delve into them again without the inner turmoil?!Ā  I have good friends. I have cute nieces. The one place I’ve wanted to visit since I was a kid is Italy. My hair is completely gray so I dye it dark, dark brown. One of my favorite films is Magnolia. Autumn is my favorite season. I need to start writing again, so here I am.


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear lovely friend,
    go for it girl! Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts on things. Its really precious and i do thing the more honest you get in this blog and share about dailiy struggles, the more God will do through it. Mainly for yourselve but also for the touched readers who need to hear that Gods love is deeper than our issues and when we start to be honest with him and ourselves HE will move mightely! Go for it!
    love you

    • Renni Renni Renni!!!!

      Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words. I love you and know your heart is beating for more of Him, even on the bad days. You know… I love you so much you powerful and precious lady!!!!

      Come on Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


  2. Hi Shannon. I loved what you have written in your blog.

    I will pray for your finances. I keep telling my self that it is not the end of the story yet and God can change things and circumstances. If he doesn’t and we can’t presume that he will, then I ask him to change me, so that I can be content with the situation I am in so that I can enjoy this short life. It is a big challenge for us all.

    We are also enjoying a new baby in our family. Gareth and Laura have a little boy Ethan who is nearly 6 months. We love him so much, and I see and feel from your pages that you are experiencing that same love for your little boy. He’s a gorgeous boy by the way.

    Thanks for putting up the clip of Brennan Manning. I love his books and will take that cup of coffee and listen to him tomorrow. We heard him here a number of years ago and I have never been the same since. You have reminded me of what its all about and I will look forward to your next installment.

    Love to you Shannon.

    • Hello Mary! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading the blog and mostly, for your sweet words. And CONGRATULATIONS on having a grandson!!!!!! That is awesome!!!! I know you guys are just in love with him. Ethan is such a cool name.

      I was encouraged by what you said about the finances and being content. Thank you for praying!

      Yay! Glad you’re going to listen to the Brennan Manning thing tomorrow. I hope it blesses you and helps you know more that you’re loved loved loved and opens doors to come to Him more.

      Lots of love,

  3. Dear Sweet Shannon,

    I loved your email. What you said is true of me too. For 3 years I had to write and now it doesn’t seem so important anymore. But I am still reading — many of the same books you quote from it seems….. and I still write letters to those people that God draws me to….. your description of that was so true. Just this morning I was reading something from one of Buechner’s books and began to cry as I thought of one of the people I often pray for. Only God can inspire that kind of intercession for those whose lives cross our path at some time. It’s a gift and there is such power in our words or prayers when love is the force behind them.

    I so much relate to everything you share…. and in this journey I sense God has been doing so much healing in both of us. That is one of the things He does best. He is amazing, isn’t He?

    I am glad you are writing again as you have such a gift of communication that is so needed in this world. And it blesses me, as I’m sure it also blesses those who take the time to read. I will always treasure the correspondence we had during that difficult time. You are a treasure.

    Much love,

    • Hello sweet Cathy!! I love you so much and it is so good to hear from you and what you have to say. Yes, only God can inspire that compassion in us to pray and really love someone… that is so true.

      Love you!!!

  4. Hi Shannon, just want to say thanks for the comments re; what was written on Martin Scott’s site. As you rightly said I never intended for it to be a comment on green issues but what I believe creation is saying to us at this time. That was completely missed as comments were made about the oil wells. Creation is always speaking, the sad thing is we only ever see at face value. I always ask what is it groaning? Whether it be the floods or tornadoes or mountain fires. Not that I am pro-disaster but I believe God’s voice and heartbeat is in everything if we would just look and listen. Enough from me, thanks again, Paul

  5. Hey Shannon
    Remember me? Seems quite a lot has happened in both of our lives since I last saw you – think it was in Cardiff. You are now married and have a lovely baby …… we have just returned from a year in a remote part of Mozambique. Lots of love, annie x

    • OF COURSE I remember you!!! I have thought of you guys often this past year in Africa and, when I could, tried to keep up with your blog. You are one of the most beautiful people I met while I was in the UK… so loving to me when I was struggling. Do you remember praying for me in Cardiff? I remember that, your kindness was such a gift to me! Thank you for saying hello and please do keep in touch. Are you guys back in the UK for now?
      Much love xx

      • Hi Shannon
        yes, we are “back” for now, but know this is just another part of the onward journey – can’t go back and all that. We have some doors into other nations that may open if we push them, but for the moment being here to be with family and friends and also doing things like hopefully paying the mortgage off to free ourselves up a little more….. its good but also challenging.
        Will keep in touch – please do the same if and when you can with what I guess is a very busy life now…….. Lots of love A xx

  6. Hey Shannon! I have always loved your honesty…I remember all the times at LDM and you hated the way people would just accept things they were taught! I used to be one of those people. I enjoy having courageous thinkers like you in my life who can get in my face and get me to look from a different angle, I hope I never think I have the answers. And I hope I never stop seeing the different colours in the mural of life. Thanks for keeping it real, and asking the questions. Don’t ever stop!!

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