About the Name

  “Earth’s crammed with heaven,  And every common bush afire with God;  But only he who sees, takes off his shoes,  The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.”
  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

We can learn and choose to see the fire and beauty of God in life and things around us, or we can sit around and simply “pluck blackberries”, never noticing that God can speak through so many seemingly mundane or natural things. It’s up to each of us to decide how we’re going to view things. I want to enjoy the fire that’s all around me and be encouraged that normal life is not empty and boring life… that moments can be full of fire and hope and God… so that even blackberries, bad days, and working in a cubicle can have joy and eternity in them.


2 thoughts on “About the Name

  1. There is only one source of love, passion, joy, laughter, delight in the universe, and that is the relationship between the Father, Jesus and the Spirit. The gospel – the good news – is that He has brought us into that circle. And so we participate in the love, laughter, joy and delight that comes from them. This is much broader than a bush being afire with God… it’s coming to see that rolling around on the couch playing with your kids, or loving to eat a meal with your friends, or turning your face to the sun, or feeling cool water lap against your toes at the beach, or feeling the rhythm in a piece of music… that is ALL worship [which after all, is our acknowledgment of our participation in the relationship Jesus shares with his Father.] All of humanity has been included in this relationship through Jesus’ death and resurrection, but not all are not awake to it.

    Even those who sit and pluck blackberries are participating in the goodness of the relationship of the Trinity. There is still a richness. But so much more a richness comes in the developing relationship when you acknowledge the source of your love…

    So much freedom comes when our eyes are open to see that our Earth is indeed crammed with heaven….

    • Well said Mark!!!!!!! I totally totally agree. The thing about plucking blackberries being worshipful too is so true – but that’s what I want to SEE. And that is the bush afire with God – whether it be a flame or blackberries bringing that realization to our eyes and hearts. Seeing the blackberries isn’t the “living boringly”. But seeing them without seeing Jesus is what I am talking about. I just want to have the eyes to see in all of creation – the seen and the unseen!!!!! : ) Thanks for your comment, I love it!!

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