The night winds down

Sunday night. I have a love/hate relationship with Sunday nights. Love because it is still a part of the weekend, hate because it brings closer another long work week of being a sort of slave to the paycheck and time clock. I’m in a new job that is so much better than my old one, but I can tell you that even with new positive feelings for the new job, the Sunday evening blues still fall like a heavy fog.

It has been a contemplative sort of day. It began with cool, almost cold weather, which is pretty much unheard of here in Savannah, Georgia! We all sat out on the porch all morning and enjoyed the chill, the rain, the birds singing, and each other. Most Sundays around here tend to be relaxing for us. Most Sundays I get still enough to recognize and enjoy Jesus in our midst. I felt Him this morning, in my family and the air. I heard creation praising him as the birds sang. Even when we lost the keys (which we still haven’t found) I’ve felt his peace. I need Him and today I am very aware of that need within me.

Today I am so thankful for the freedom from religion that my life was so full of. Today my cathedral was my front porch, my teacher was his creation, my meditation was on some of His words: “ask of Me” and “my yoke is easy”. Tonight my peace is God himself as we wrestle with some deep things. So, I just wanted to write it all down to share with you. I invite Him into my days. In fact, I hope he invades them, if that’s the sort of thing God does. I want my Mondays to be as rich with Him as my Days of rest are. This is what I need and ask of Him tonight.


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