are we margin, or are we centre?

Here is a link to an article that Paul Leader has written called Are We Margin, Or Are We Centre? His question is a vitally important thought for us to consider whether we’re church attenders, believers outside of what’s considered normal, or wanderers who aren’t sure what it all means or where we belong. Why do I think it’s important? How we view ourselves, the Church, our place in it, and the world will either add to an empire or add to lives. Our views will either keep us bound up and, in turn, bind up others or will free us up and therefore set others free.  Or I guess a third option would be that we just stay with the familiar and the safe in order to stay within our place of comfort; whether we choose this option be it out of fear, lethargy or excuses, I believe this is a fatal mistake to our spirits and to the world.

My comment on Paul’s post was basically this: 

I view the center to be where people want you to come in to something to be a part of it. Where you are told that this is where you need to come to hear a certain message and “be in fellowship”.

The margins are where I am going it alone, yet at the same time traveling with others, as we all tread along in our journeys towards Christ while learning to love others without being bound ourselves and without imprisoning those who we are loving.

“I sought to hear the voice of God and climbed the topmost steeple, but God declared, ‘Go down again! I dwell among the people.’ ” (John Henry Newman) I think I am beginning to discover in a deeply personal and profound way that the margins are where I get to serve people out of love and not out of obligation.


So, check out the article and may it challenge and encourage you!

3 thoughts on “are we margin, or are we centre?

  1. Hi John. Thanks for the comment. Of course, I don’t know where you’re coming from, but you have caused me to stop and consider what you’ve shared. I think fundamentalists have an agenda much of the time, and I think the agenda begins to drive them and then before they know it they’re more passionate about their causes than they are about living people like Jesus does.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.

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