We helped friends pack up their moving truck last night. For a couple of hours we were the only couple there.  Then two or three other families showed up… the only other families left in town who were a part of the church our friends used to go to who are currently speaking to them.

Up until three or four months ago our moving friends were a part of a church. Then it came out that he had fallen back into an addiction problem. So, while his wife dealt with their two little ones and they, as a couple, dealt with his addiction and its affect on their family, their pastor and his wife pulled away, began telling people about the situation (it wasn’t a public situation until they started talking about it) and also started spreading rumors about them.  They basically severed ties, spoke condescingly behind my friends backs and to their faces and tried to use God as their excuse in doing so.

While packing up their moving van during the day yesterday before Patrik and I arrived to help (it was just them with their 2 kids all day trying to pack and load), the pastor came by and said he had thrown his back out and couldn’t help and his wife sent a note that said “I’m sorry you took what I said and did wrong” – apparently still unable to apologize or take responsibility for ripping into hurting people and turning others against them. Gee, do you think you could get on the phone and get some guys from your church here who haven’t thrown their backs out to help? Nah, just walk on by and go back home.

Well, my friends have been working hard at their marriage, have been in counseling, he has been in NA and they are doing better. All while dealing with being alone in a town where they used to have a church who were more like family… or so they thought.  Now, he has been offered a job and a new start in Tennessee by family.

As we were buckling Eli in his carseat and getting ready to leave their house late last night I looked at Patrik and asked, “how does it feel to be more like Jesus than a pastor and his wife?” He could tell it was a question I was asking out of frustration and he just said he was giving a hand where someone needed help.

I don’t know why I’ve felt the need to post this. It just really pisses me off that people like this are leading other people and hurting them as they go. Trust me, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened with this pastor and his wife. It really hurts me and makes me so frustrated. I don’t know what to do about it other than vent and pray. And at this point I am better at venting than taking that frustration to God in prayer. But I will do that today as I sit here and search for Him in the injustice of it all.

I know the verse about pulling the log out of my own eye befere I point out splinters in some one else’s, but this seems to be about abuse of power too. Yes, I have to examine myself. Yet, I have to say that this is sickening and wrong too.

Anyway, on with the day now. May I see God because He is here and I am loved. There is a way to perfect peace in every situation and it is being still with my Jesus and soaking in His love. I hope today I can respond to Him and rest in Him. That’s the only way, isn’t it? I hope that my friends who are on the road now in their moving truck, with their two little ones, on a long 12 hour drive to their new home find that freedom that comes from God’s presence and love right there where they are.

2 thoughts on “Hypocrites

  1. Oh wow, how I do hear and feal your pain in this. No words will really do.
    I understand your anger and frustration too. So does Papa.
    Prayers . . .

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