No wonder

Literally. No wonder. I haven’t got much wonder in me. I’m exhausting myself trying, worrying, hating, and more.

I live trying. Praying a lot of the time for what I am realizing I already have. God meant for me to rest in Him, and from the resting place and the knowledge of his presence find faith. I can’t conjure up faith. If I rest in Him His presence will rest upon me and transform all those around me. Literally. This is literal stuff here. God tore the heavens open when Jesus was baptized with water and He will never close them again. He is all ours.

My purpose is to be full of his presence, heal the sick, raise the dead, set captives free. I will be in that secret place with Him to love and rest and become more like me, filled with Him. I want to fulfill what He commanded and empowers us to do. All for love. I am wanting to love because He loves me!

That’s not exhausting, that’s a hope and a purpose. No wonder I’ve always been hungry. Oh man, this is great. My heart bowing down before him again, recognizing Him as my Lord, appreciating Him, loving Him. That’s worship. That’s how I’ll grow. Not by striving.


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