Better Days

Did I get the $100 cash back that literally blew out of my pocket and into the wind on the top floor of the parking garage? No.

Was I able to numb how hurt I was by someone I loved? No.

Yet, the end of the week has brought with it better days. Why? I don’t know. But I’m thankful.

Not really able or up for trying to be some kind of profound writer tonight. Just stating how it is right now and wanting to thank those of you who have emailed kind words and have been saying prayers. Thank you!

This is just life. It’s not depression, it’s not just me, it’s life. And at least this time in the midst of it I was identifying with the screw ups of people who have gone before me. People like David, Abraham and others in the Bible. It felt real. And now that those two or three really draining and terrible days are over with I can see how I was sustained and loved.



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