there are no words for this, so I don’t have a title

I no longer believe that I have to give to receive!!  The lies in my head and my being are being lifted off of me and broken to pieces today!!  I don’t know how to do anything and it’s glorious!!!!!! Freedom in Christ IS free! He has done it all for me.  I’m gulping down God today and I have no more effort to expend. My weakness is His his glory. These scriptures! I have read them and heard them yet never seen. Today, I’m getting free and the scriptures are letting me in on the reality of His secrets that He wants to burst out of every body living… WE ARE FREE. WE ARE HIS. WE ARE SITTING WITH HIM IN HEAVEN. HAVING A PARTY. LAUGHING. JOYING. Not figuring things out. Not worrying. Not knowing the ending. Just living fully!!

I don’t know, not even today. I don’t. I’m not crazy. I’m getting free… in my kitchen, in my living room, it’s more than God being present in me. The reality that He is revealing is that that I am in Him. And right now, loving Him is more like a party. Hard days used to bring me into having a sort of wake. You know, sadness, “Oh God, why??” Trying, trying, trying, trying.

Not today (and forward from here, I pray! I praise!). That’s too heavy. I can’t do that anymore. Singing and dancing and laughing and listening and, well, let’s just say now I understand how the disciples could be mistaken for being drunk that time the Holy Spirit showed up in Acts!  JESUS LOVES ME AND I HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO BE TODAY EXCEPT IN HIM.  What a blessing!!!

Oh my goodness, some of you are going to think I’m weird, especially if this posts itself on facebook, as some of my blog entries sometimes do. HA!!!!!

Lord, show your promises to me more so I can drink YOU more deeply!!!! 🙂 Fantastic days. God is real and alive and we haven’t a clue who He is. We’re so off the mark with our striving and our musings! Only Jesus could have decimated my chains and fears this way. Only Heaven could have entered my house and brought me into laughter today and then highlighted my inability to think and plan how I will do all that I need to do (or so I think!). Now, the inability is freedom and joy, not heaviness and worry.

Back to my drinking. See ya.

One thought on “there are no words for this, so I don’t have a title

  1. Shannon,
    Be careful. Those are words that could get you crucified. Oh, maybe that’s what happen to Jesus. They couldn’t stand the thought of God loving them without having to do something to earn it. Sounds vaguely familiar. Hold on to those thoughts and don’t let go of them. Let God work them into your being until you don’t know any other way to think.
    ” Free, free at last. Praise God Almighty, I’m free at last.”

    Love ya, Matthew

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