Who Said?

Who said that dead people don’t rise anymore, that it’s not for this day and age?Who said that Jesus doesn’t speak anymore except through the Bible? Who said that God helps those who help themselves?

God didn’t.
Who said that the only reason he healed people back in the day he walked the earth as Jesus was just to show the people that He could not only heal their bodies, but also forgive sins?  Maybe He did it for symbolism and to show more than meets the eye. He usually does.  Yet, I think He is Compassion itself.  I think He healed simply because He loved and because He could.  His heart when out to them. Like when Lazarus was dead.  He wept.  He knew He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead in just a few minutes, but the broken hearts of Lazurus’ family standing all around Him moved Him to tears. 
It makes me sad that people are still being taught this stuff. 
It makes me tired inside today to think of all the things I still have to unlearn.

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