Eph. 1 v2 is still getting me. “I greet you with the grace and peace poured into our lives by God our Father and our Master Jesus Christ.

As I was meditating on it I realized that when I personalized it and was repeating it to myself I felt a little offense inside me when I said that Jesus Christ is my Master. Sure, I can say I’m a servant of God but the offense rose up when I called Him my Master. I prayed about that. Asked God to help me be unoffended when I recognize Jesus as my Master. To have joy in the fact that I am my Master’s servant.

God my Father and Jesus my Master are pouring grace and peace into my life! I see it. Not completely, but I believe it because this past week has been so rough relationally. I know it by experience and it’s making me smile a real smile. It’s literal, though it may be a 2,000+ year old letter, it’s real. I have been saved from what should have been total oppression this week because of this fact, this gift from Him… Grace and peace being poured into my life.

It trips me out to sit and meditate on this. It’s great. This stillness tonight is settling me. Inwas in bed and I heard Him calling into my heart. For once I listened and here I am, believing. It’s great to believe. It’s great to be loved for real.


3 thoughts on “listening

  1. Shannon…you have been on my heart. Maybe because I feel I can relate so much to the things you share. I to have been feeling God drawing my attention to His grace and peace…..He has been also showing me how to laugh at the things that normally would frustrate me and make me angry. It feels new again…
    go to I am still a little bit shy about what I blog about but its coming along. Thought Id share in case you are interested. I will call you….I want to bend your ear, hear your heart…and your laugh. I love you and your love for Him.

  2. Hello Lisa!! I love you so much – thank you for your encouragement in what I share, I really appreciate it!!

    I tried to go to that site but it says it is private and that I have to sign in. What should I do?

    Call soon! I can’t wait to chat and laugh and share. LOVE YOU!!! 🙂

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