on the palms of his hands

Isaiah 49 is a big chapter! Reading over it is quite a beautiful experience. It talks about the Messiah and about us.  He has tattooed our names on the palm of His hands. It’s a beautiful picture of His love and heart for us.

No matter what I write, no matter my mood, all I can say is that if I get more of God – my Father, my Jesus and my Holy Spirit – than I will be satisfied. The latest discovery, or maybe I should say the latest revelation, in my life is that I need HIM. Things about Him are okay – teaching, books, music, but without His friendship and presence, I am a dead woman inside. That other stuff just fills the gaps and it makes me tired. It’s been easy for me to chase after those things in search for Him, but really, I’m finding Him in a different place. In silence and in still moments. In Him we really do live and move and have our being.

I am  engraved on the palms of His hands. So, on the palms of His hands there is a nail scar and us. He put both of them there purposefully. I love Him.

Be brave and be wise.


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