living with anger and frustration

You weighed me down and you held me back.
You stayed still and called it progress.
You yearned for recognition and you got it so you’re in
You’re so spiritual that everyone knows it
You pass judgments on nations and are sure that it’s
God and not your culture speaking.
Funny thing is, so do I.

I am sitting here angry.
Striking down your words in my head
Wishing that I was eloquent enough to counter your well written thoughts
All I’ve been taught is that anger is a sin
But they have never really commented much on your pride being sin
Funny how the misled allow their heroes to mislead

My anger is getting taken care of
I will have to leave you in what your’e in
in what you share with many
and let God give me peace
and let go of my grievances.

I do it now. I will keep doing it as long as I have to…
and I have to.
I’m too tired to hold on to it any more
I want to have all Jesus.
There’s no room for anything or anyone else
You don’t get to reside where He belongs,
where I’ve let my anger give you a home for so long
It’s His home and I thank Him for living here in me
gently and powerfully.


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