a good need

Such an ache in me today to be loved and crawl in close to God. To be covered and cared for.

I feel a very strong need to trust the little voice of God (He is big, but I hear his whisper lately about certain things, is what I mean). I feel a very strong urge to trust Him, to move and go on things. I feel overwhelmed because I fear that I can easily pass this feeling by today and remain where I am. Remain hanging in the balance. Remain wishing and wanting, not moving when I hear. I don’t want to procrastinate because of fear or lack of skill anymore.

The longing in me to trust Jesus is strong today. It’s nice. I feel happy to be loved and to have the joy that I do have in my life. I just want to move forward and obey the Voice.

I don’t want to ignore the ache that I think is from Heaven, to be loved. That feeling is what leads me to Him today.

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