the love of God is folly

After tonight, a phrase has started going through my head that I remember Brennan Manning sharing: The love of God is folly. So, I was trying to find his exact quote on the internet and ran into this blog that a guy hasn’t written anything on since 2006. I haven’t checked out what else he had to say, but I did see this and wanted to share it here:

“In France, when Easter is celebrated, there is one phrase found in the words of saints and sinners, spray-painted on buses and buildings, proclaimed in alleys and cathedrals – L’amour de Dieu est folie – the love of God is folly, foolishness.

My life, my faith, my church, my denomination, my education, my parental guidance have all shared the common thread of trying to teach me logic at the expense of folly.

All of these have failed me. My image of God has been so distorted. So manipulated. So un-God. The love of God has always been unconditional. It has always required nothing. I need to say it again for my sake. It has always required nothing. God simply could not love me more in my most honorable state – preaching the good news and the Kingdom – than he could in my most dishonorable state – filled with rage, doubting everything, obsessed with lust and sensuality, jealous, drunk.

I’ve always been afraid. My understanding of fear has always been connected at the hip with my understanding of punishment. The fear of God must be different from the fear of the punishment of God.

‘There is no fear when you love. Perfect love destroys any recollection of fear.’ 1 John 4:18

The love of God is folly. Its insanity. Its crazy. Its the stuff of legend and myth and story. Its a scandal. Its an injustice. Its not reality.

Or maybe I am all of those things and the love of God is all that really is.”


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