the timing of who we are (or better, the igniting of the unnoticed things)

This is what God has been telling me is going to happen this year. Finally. To discover the calling to get on with it, get over myself. I feel so relieved that He spoke this. I have been asking for this for so many years, but not so much in words. It’s been more of an aching need that I haven’t often known how to speak, but felt very deeply.

I am becoming more convinced that everything in our hearts is soaked with the presence of the Lord. All our longings, desires, hopes, vision, faith, dreams. All of it. So when He speaks and says something that sparks a recognition in us, it’s because it was our desire and need, even if it was buried deep and we hadn’t even consciously contemplated it yet. That recognition ignites a new pull and life inside that gives vision and makes us so satisfied and hungry and curious at the same time. It feels like a eureka moment inside. It’s as if hearing Him speak caused me to say, ‘Now I know what I was longing for!’ It’s a breath of fresh air and I want to know why He made me. I want to move forward and let the kingdom come, doing my part. Whether I am someone who is seen or unseen, praised or forgotten. I want to know and live in that fullness of life!


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