The world is washed clean this morning, and so am I!  It was raining last night. The earth and driveway is still wet, but the birds are singing and the sun is breaking through. It’s a lovely morning.

God breaks through the dullness in the oddest times. This morning it was right before I’d started brushing my teeth. I had put the toothpaste on my toothbrush and turned on the water.  BAM! There He was. God’s presence that I could feel. I stood there a minute and felt Him close. It made me smile and I feel very loved. I hope to find Him hiding throughout today some more.

I am learning that spending time with Jesus diminishes the need and hunger I have to read about Him.  Always trying to search Him out in books. Always knowing there is more, reading, reading, reading. Sitting quietly with Him makes me feel rich and loved. I feel hopeful. If the hope fades, I will come sit still with You again, Lord. It’s a gift. Thank you!


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