yet another conversation about church

Frank Viola critiques the new apostolic, saying: “To place my concern into a question, where are the churches that the ‘new apostles’ have planted that are gathering under the headship of Jesus Christ without a clergy, where the members know one another deeply and are experiencing a depth in Christ, where decisions are made by consensus, and where every member functions in the meetings without any man controlling, directing, facilitating, or dominating?”
Since God told me to get out of what we know as church and simply be with people I have been through ups and downs. Loneliness and rich relationships.  I feel more like I am a part of Jesus’ Church (with a capital C – meaning the body of believers) since leaving the church (with a small c – meaning the building on the corner that meets at designated times throughout the week).
I often experience God’s presence in nature, my family, in laughter, in sadness, in my cubicle at work, when I sleep in prophetic dreams, through friendships (with friends and with members of my family), when I’m reading some scripture or when I’m reading a novel.  I often go through days when I don’t feel him or hear him at all.
So, thinking of the quote by Frank Viola that I wrote up above… I feel like I am getting there… to that place where I can be a part of a living organism that is the Body of Jesus that is called the Church.  I feel His freedom almost daily and this journey that He has been leading me and others on may seem ordinary day in and day out, but really it’s not.  It’s a process.  It’s the making of apostles and lovers.  It’s freeing up tied up souls.  It’s whispering so that I can sit still in my normal living room, on a normal day, a rough day, a glorious day, and hear Him and follow Him and know Him.  Jesus and I are friends.
We will see His glory released on the sick and the broken more, I hope and pray and believe and I ache for that day.  For today though, I hear Him, knowing that today is the day of salvation, and I follow and I open up my heart to be surprised by the way He moves.  I believe this lifestyle that He has led me on, that so many in the institutionalized church have told me is wrong or are uncomfortable with, is part of the path to realizing that we do live and breathe and have our being in Him… and in each other.  I feel peace.  I feel urgency, but I feel peace.  Praise God for this guy (you should read the article that his quote came from).  And praise God that He knows what He’s doing.  I don’t want to miss our time, but I don’t want to build another institution and follow old patterns in trying to bring it about prematurely either.
Isaiah 26:3
You keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.

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2 thoughts on “yet another conversation about church

    • Me too Michael – SO glad to have your company on this awesome journey!! And thanks to you and Adele for the fantastic Christmas card! Lots of love to you both. 🙂

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