that’s my son

Not to be depressing, but I need to think and feel out loud.

When  I saw this picture, my heart was wrenched with pain and love for this child and my first and instant thought was, “That’s my Eli”.  That’s my son in that picture. That’s how painful and horrifying it feels for me to look at this picture.  It’s someone’s son or daughter.  I can hardly handle that thought or that feeling. Dear God.

I ask for God to give me that type of compassion for another so that the compassion feels personal when I see someone who who needs, so that I truly behold them and love them.   Not just physically, but someone who may be dripping in diamonds or $600 shoes, someone who may be poor in their spirit.

And yet, I don’t want to diminish whoever that child is… or was.  God knows him or her and I want to remember them with this photo, not just make their suffering a lesson I’ve learned on my blog.  What a beautiful, precious little baby, whose life was NOT lived in vain.

Jesus, come.

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