here I am world… approve of me?

I have been looking at a lot more Christian blogs lately. Not sure why. I see friends of mine who have a link to them and then before I know it I’m checking them out.

Know what I find interesting? Most everyone says what they’re DOING in the “About” section.  “I’ve been founding missional churches for the last 12 years” or “I’ve written a book, want to buy it?” or “I lead worship”.  Some of them are old pros and some of them are newly following Jesus… and I see that seemingly a lot of their identity is in what they do in this whole “new” church.

I find that not just interesting, but kind of sad.  They’re probably brilliant people, so this is not meant to be a downer on their character. I’m just sayin’… can’t we get past the presentation of importance when opening ourselves up to the world or one another?  Are we breeding a whole new era of people who have to succeed and present something in order to feel important or able to be heard in the “Christian” world?

Dang, I get tired of it.  DANG!!!

2 thoughts on “here I am world… approve of me?

  1. DANG!!! Me too. I think we want to “set the table” so people will see us as we want to be seen…not necessarily for who we really are. Hi, my name is Matthew and I’m a rotten sinner, but Jesus is crazy in love with me…would you like to get to know me too. Now that’s an introduction!!

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