Autumn is a time for harvest.  It’s also a time for conserving… the trees lose their leaves so that they can conserve water and live through the winter.  It is the third season of the year.  Also, I think the Autumnal Equinox happens in September, which means here in the Northern hemisphere we will be getting less sunlight, more darkness.  Animals store up fruits and nuts and all kinds of food so that they can make it through the winter.

For a few days I have been rolling around the thought in my head/spirit that it is a new season.  I suspect it.  I think this is true.  I am now talking it out as I write… just thinking with written words here really.  No mind-blowing prophetic words.  Just a suspicion, and truthfully, that mere suspicion is enough to make my heart beat faster and for hope to rise up pretty strong inside.  I need this new season desperately.  I feel a deep, still and strong need to search God out at this time.  Time to dig in deeper again.  I have had a rest for a  few years and now this was stirring inside of me for the first time in a long time.  I pray for the courage, the strength and the willingness to dive in again now.  I don’t want to mull this around in my head for too long, I just want to go in and begin again.  Get my hands dirty and really hear the Voice and feel completely alive again, waiting for new life and adventure around every moment.  And more that I don’t even know about yet.  I think there’s more that I can’t think up.  And I think it might be quiet and very powerful.  I don’t think it’s just for me.  What an interesting time.  I keep thinking of the phrase ‘autumn prophets’.  Hmmm. Could be nothing or something. We’ll see. I’m intrigued and that feels good, God. Thanks!

Thoughts to be continued…..


3 thoughts on “autumn

  1. Hey Shannon,

    Just wanted to let you know that I feel this too. I haven’t even been “practicing” in this sense for like 3 years now… but this past week & weekend I’ve totally felt this really strongly. I really thought it was just something personal going on within me. But after reading your post I guess I’m wondering if there’s something more to it. I’m not sure what it means… but I totally feel like someone reached inside me and flipped a switch this past week. Just wanted to confirm! Exciting! Hearts!!

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