bring on the wonder

Bring on the wonder. Bring on the song. I’ve pushed you down deep in my soul for too long.

Some of my friends don’t believe in you anymore.

But I believe in you.

These words and this music… I think they’re what my soul sings out every day inside of me.  You.  Always you.  I always cry out even when I don’t notice because I have pushed you so deep just to get through the day, just to get to work on time, to get my work done… but my heart and my spirit, well, me,  this is my mantra.  This is my need.  This is my prayer.  God, I believe you.  God, bring on the wonder.  God, I am too busy to drink from your cup.  Lord Jesus (I feel you as my Lord tonight.  You’re majestic and strong and loving me with so much kindness and grace), come.  And let my heart recognize you when the wonder comes.  I don’t want to be so busy I miss it.  I want my life to shift to be full of you again.  That your wonder and your light are where I get my strength and my joy.  Anything short of this, I don’t want.

Everyday life will be.  Yet, you mean to be in every single piece of time and space to love us and lead us home, into you, while we live here and love here.

I always always really need you.

You make me smile.  Thanks.

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