the mystery in people

A year ago Patrik and I took the boys downtown and toured St. John’s Cathedral.  I saw these candles that were burning that people had lit as prayers.  It made my heart ache in a really sweet way.  I took this picture to remember the visual of their prayers to God.  I thought it was beautiful then and I still do now.  We all have such depths inside of us.  I go to work and say good morning and make some jokes and dread the day… yet I have such deep things in my heart.  To be honest, others must have those depths too.  I think part of the thing I hate about my job is that there is not much of a release for the real things inside of all of us.  Instead, it’s like a mind-numbing factory and your personality gets lost in the monotony and the law and the petty arguments of office workers… and yet… I bet some of these candles were lit and prayers were uttered by office workers.  I need to be reminded during the day that all of us have breathtaking mysteries inside, deep in the part that is really and truly us.

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