it sure is

I think of so many things tonight.  Jesus and past friendships.   The fact that when I walk out of work, i forget about it really, and I enjoy my son and my husband and my family and sunshine and neighbors and Jane my dog and good food and hope and dreaming and sleep and music and creativity.

*big sigh*  Life is full and the precious times really do go by so quickly.  What a gift we have been given.  I really do long to live completely and fully while I breathe.  I really do long to serve people more and watch the cynicism fall away and out of my life.  I really do want to  forgive the people who are ugly to me and be bold by daring to live without lies and without being fake.  I want to feel compassion in my heart again and not let it pass on by when I feel it.  I really do want to sense and see beauty in my spirit, even when there is just a computer screen in front of me.  I think I’ve been on life support for a few years and now I want to pull the plug and get up and start living with purpose and passion again (that’s sorta scary!!)

I love it!!!


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