puzzle pieces and commandments

The more I hear about the 10  Commandments, the more I realize that  most Christians I know are still trying to live  by them (myself included).  I’m all for don’t  murder and commit adultery – I’m for all of  them  for sure, but I’m not all for the smug  attitude  for those that are able to keep more  of the 10  than someone else.

What I mean is this:  I still can’t get it out of  my head or my actions that I have to act  good and be right  in  order to be a “good”  Christian or good  person.

What a crock.  Yet, we still judge each other  when someone isn’t doing something right.

I wonder what it’s like to really rest and not have those misconceptions be such a part of my life from second to second.

I have always felt that God seems like a puzzle to me (and I fricking hate puzzles).  That there are little pieces of him here and there and when I have a revelation I get to see that one piece of him and it’s awesome when it fits with another piece!!  Then I get frustrated again when I feel like I’m searching for yet another piece of the puzzle.  But really, I think that’s part of the lie.  I think he’s not cut up into pieces at all and there is no puzzle.  There’s just him.  The whole God, loving me and all mine, fully Himself.  That’s what Romans 10 (see post below) reminded me of.  That’s why I loved it the day I read it.

I don’t know, I’m just rambling now and I can’t say that I’m really feeling this revelation about him not being a puzzle, but I realize it now and hopefully, it’ll start to sink in and me and Jesus can get some good life out of it together.

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