a poem from church for the night in bournemouth

This poem used to be posted in the old church in Bournemouth City Center whenever we’d do the Church for the Night thing.  It was pretty magical in that big old church, with all the night dwellers and clubbers coming in to get a hot drink and sit to soak in the quiet, holy, lovely atmosphere set up just for them and, perhaps, leave a prayer to God pinned to the net on the wall.  They still do it every few months, I think.  I saw some pictures posted on my friends facebook page and it was good to see.
Anyway, here is one of the poems posted there:
The King’s Arms
I’d like to sit
On a bar stool in heaven
Right next to Christ.
We’d share a jug of beer
And a packet of smokes
(although I doubt he’d inhale)
I think I’d tell him
About fast cars on open roads
8th birthday parties
And Arsenal’s disappointing away form
I hope he’d tell me
About his favorite star
Why sheep exist
And how he thought of photosynthesis
By the second jug
We’d move to sit by the fire
Have a couple of cigars
And a packet of peanuts
I think I’d get angry
And ask Him
About rape and HIV nad Hiroshima and crib-death
The he’d get even angrier
And ask Me
About rape and HIV and Hiroshima and crib-death
And then
Then maybe we’d sit quietly
And sup our pints
The fire would burn
The logs would crackle
And the world would turn
After a while I’d tell him a story
He’d tell me a joke
And we’d play a game of dominoes.

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