remembering anne and the others

I have a little pop-up on my igoogle homepage that has a “this day in history” thing.  Here is one of the things it listed today:

1942: Anne Frank goes into hiding in Amsterdam

I believe they were in hiding for a year and a half.  That’s a long time to hide in fear.

Last weekend one of my stepsons watched a movie about Anne Frank.  What she, her family, the others in hiding with them, had to go through is horrifying and appalling.  I cannot fathom the depth of their fear or pain or suffering.  Every once in awhile, since I was a teenager, I have said a prayer asking God to protect my family from anything like the Holocaust.  I don’t know exactly when I began saying that prayer, or why, but it’s always been in the back of my mind that I am so fortunate for what I have and that I never want to be ripped away from the ones I love or have them go through anything remotely similar to the Holocaust.

I went into Anne Frank’s house when I was in Amsterdam.  I cried.

So, today, I don’t mean to be morbid at all, but I just wanted to put a post up that remembers Anne Frank and her family and friends.  They, and all the others who suffered, matter.


One thought on “remembering anne and the others

  1. Shannon I just recently watched a movie through my instant Netflix “Imaginary Witness, Hollywood and the Holocaust” Fascinating the attitude of the world toward what was going on in those times. Focuses a lot on how Hollywood portrayed the situation and why. Also it goes into the pre hitler days and how little was done to stop him. And Why???!!! I made a list of about 10 other movies mentioned in this movie relating to this subject. What I found most interesting was the part Charlie Chaplin (The Funny Man) played in his courageous production of a parody of Hitler, “The Great Dictator…Thanks for the reminder today!!! I would like that link to history for my computer. Leslie

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