rich (experiencing my senses)

I feel rich right now.  I’ve spent the whole of the evening out on my front porch.  It is the coolest summer day that I can remember in some time.  There is a really loud cricket somewhere off to my right.  I met the neighbors to our left for the first time. They were walking their dog Shadow and stopped by to say hello. It’s very dark nighttime now while I’m on my computer.  The blackness is rich, like velvet.  The air is moving and making it pleasant because the summer bugs that usually nibble on you are nowhere to be seen.  My new windchimes are going crazy in the breeze.  My son is inside sleeping in his crib and I have the screen door open so that I can hear him if he wakes.  When the wind blows it tickles me in my scalp and where my hair touches me around the edges of my face.  The citronella candle is burning and it’s flame is dancing.  I can smell the citronella. It reminds me of being a kid.  My dog is curled up tight underneath my rocking chair. I can feel her soft fur on my right foot.  She’s wanting to be near me because she’s afraid of the fireworks going off all around the neighborhood.  Patrik is sitting next to me out here and it’s really, really pleasant.

I believe that nights like this are a big part of what I will remember when the end of my life comes.  These times are precious and important.  This is life.  In this quiet is where I can realize myself and get some rest that my soul needs.  Nobody in my circle of friends (which seems to be shrinking a lot lately) really talks about souls anymore. We talk about movies and video games and our kids. We talk about other people.  But it’s been a long, long time since I sat with someone where we talked about our souls; where I left the conversation feeling more full and free and rested and known than I did when it started.

I just rested my head on the back of my rocking chair, closed my eyes and soaked it all in.  I almost started crying but I’m not sure why. Probably a release that my  S O U L  needs.  I think sometimes Heaven hides outside in the dark night, on front porches, while citronella candles burn, waiting to be found, discovered, recognized.  That thought delights me and I feel a closeness with God right now that I want to savor and keep for awhile.  So… goodnight friends.


One thought on “rich (experiencing my senses)

  1. In reading this it makes me wonder why I haven’t emailed you after I keep thinking of you and wanting to email!! So…I hope all is well. I love precious “rich” moments” like you mentioned and wish for more. Sometimes I think my life is too busy to even have the moments anymore. Kinda sad! But…on that note I would really love it if you, me, and Leigh Ann could get together one night. We could eat sushi, drink coffee, whatever…just catch up.

    Love you

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