bored with it

I get bored with all you older Christian pioneers who, I think, still feel the need to be “cutting edge” and relevant and simply heard.

I feel my heart disengage when I begin to read your blogs.

I find myself thinking of the word psychobabble.  What does that word mean, anyway?

I judge you.  I don’t just observe you.  I judge you a lot of the time.  I think the two get mixed up sometimes, judging vs. observing.  Honest observations are needed.  To judge is wrong.  But when I read your words or get a feeling from looking over your blogs, I judge you.

I realize, I may be one of you……. sometimes.

Now, that’s disturbing!!!!!


2 thoughts on “bored with it

  1. What does this mean? I am sick of the slams against us ‘older christians’ … I’m sick of being called ‘old school’ … uh, Jesus showed up in human form 2000 years ago. Is HE old school? I don’t get it … feely, feely – wordy wordy … all flowery talk no surrender to the life of Jesus. It’s the ‘new school’ of Satan, only guess what … it ain’t new … it’s old school. He’s been at it a long time – ‘ Did God say you would die? You will surely not die … He just doesn’t want you to know everything like He does … go ahead, eat the fruit – you will not surely die.’ Read your Bible, surrender to Jesus Christ, have LIFE !

    • Wow. So now I am the new school of Satan? WOW!!

      No, maybe you’re just taking it personally because, well, who knows why. Not a slam against older Christians. My parents are older Christians. You are an older Christian. William and Barbara are older Christians. Gaz & Vicki are older Christians.

      I think in your offense you failed to see who I was speaking to. (1) “older Christian pioneers who, I think, still feel the need to be “cutting edge” and relevant and simply heard”. Personally speaking, no Bob, I do not think you are one of those trying to be cutting edge pioneers. There are several though, mostly in the UK, who I feel like to blog and travel around for the fame and the recognition. I feel that they are stuck in that instead of moving on with whatever God is doing. They’ve gotten stuck in the what God WAS doing. It’s an observation and an honest emotion I was sharing.

      Also, in this post, I confessed to judging. NOT a good thing. It was a confession.

      It sounds like you are angry at what I said, but also that there is anger at something deeper, which I cannot name because I don’t know what you’re dealing with inside. Perhaps I understand because I am angry too, as the post states (and I disagree, struggling and confessing judgment and being angry and honest is not the “new school of Satan”). You’ve got to deal with that anger and frustration in you just like I have to deal with it in me, which is what I was trying to do by posting my honesty.

      I have surrendered to Jesus, by the way, and I do have life. It sounds like good advice for you too. Let life replace the anger and judgement that you have too. That’s our only hope.

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