our access to God – He is our door – our hope

If you follow Jesus, or used to follow Jesus but have been tired or preoccupied, read this and remember it all day. It is so important!!  I have heard it and read it today and I am energized by the truth of the words. I am wanting to remember them all day long for myself… tonight when I am tired after work, today when I am sitting in my cubicle, while I hold my son or chat with my husband, while I laugh with my friends over lunch, when I am angry at someone here who works with me, when I walk outside to get a few minutes of sunshine… I need Him.  I need to know this.  That He is my access to God and His throne, that He is for me, that He is waiting for me with hope that I will come and come with boldness to trust Him and to talk with Him and to RECEIVE what He is so ready to give.  oh Jesus!!!! I adore you!!!!

Now that we know what we have – Jesus, the Son of God, this great High Priest who has entered heaven and is our ready access to God – let us hold firmly to what we believe and not let it slip between our fingers.  We don’t have a priest who is out of touch with reality.  He’s been through weakness and testing.  He faced all the same things we have, but He endured them without missing God’s mark. He stayed on target for our benefit!  So let’s walk right up to him boldly and get what He is so ready to give.  At the throne of our gracious God we will receive his mercy and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.

(my translation of Hebrews 4:14-16 with bits of The Message and The New Living Translation mixed in)


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