Elijah likes to touch my face when I’m cradling or feeding him. He’s not happy unless he’s touching you.  It’s awesome.  The other day he was doing that while I fed him and I remembered out of nowhere how I lived in Scotland for a summer several years ago.  At one point, right before I left to go back to England, I was down and super lonely.  I realized that I’d not been touched by another person for three whole months.  It was the weirdest realization… and it’s made me even more thankful for my baby and husband and friends and simple things that are pretty powerful, like hugs.  Awww… but really, it’s true. And if you ever go without them, you’ll know what I mean.

2 thoughts on “hugs

  1. I have gone without physical touch for long seasons as well which is why I always loved having Roxanne the Wunderpup around. Since she’s been gone – my “Touch Tank” is on empty most days. Words of Encouragement and Physical Touch are my “Love Languages” so I totally understand the need for both – and I miss both when they are lacking. May I cuddle with Eli a whole bunch when I’m in town? 🙂

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