dear God,

Dear God,

Please keep me awake.  I don’t want to start being the type of person who I’ve been frustrated with for all these years. I want to be aware and hungry and face to face with you.  I wonder how many years I’ll have to pray to see you and know you more before it happens?  Or does it happen gradually, every day. If it does, that’s something to be thankful for, but I would really, really love to have a moment where light explodes and I really see you and hear you and smell you and walk and talk with you.  I don’t think that’s against what you want for me, so I’m going to keep asking for it because even if I didn’t verbalize it, that longing is always, always inside of me!

I love you.


2 thoughts on “dear God,

  1. I vote for the gradual when we are just living…Things are always happening as long as we are engaged in life and with those He has put in our pathways…a friend of mine and now Matthew’s has been gobbling up books that we pass on to him and we have gobbled up the ones he passes our way. We are always chatting and relating how to live with each other. Now He is saying that Christ is his standard. This is just happening as we share living every day with him. God is doing many things always as we continue to hunger and thirst, those who have been dry and weary , not even knowing there was the true meat and the true drink, also will begin find the watering whole (oops a slip of the pen) and the living bread that we have found, that is the miracle of Love…

  2. I agree Les. Just living. But at some point I need it to begin to FEEL like living, not just existing in a cubicle and being angry at everyone around me who I work with all the time. UGH!! I SO need God to help me overcome the anger and boredom at work!! Love you!

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