big government and my beliefs about God

You may be all for Obama. You may be someone who is all about the tea parties. You may get all of your news from Fox.  You may hear your news from the BBC. Either way, you are biased in one way or the other and so am I.

Bottom line is, I shy away from political talk these days.  I have had a lot of things run through my head that I could have posted about my political opinions, but really, I’m not up for the conversation or the arguments.

I will tell you this though, I don’t think I want the government to have more power because it’s starting to feel the same way that I felt in the established machine of church… smothering.  God brings freedom. Not George W. Bush, not Barack Hussein Obama.  I want the people to have the power because that reminds me most of how God and Jesus give us life and responsibility. God is all powerful and knows the best way, and in love and hope and trust gives us freedom to explore things for ourselves and to govern ourselves within His healthy boundaries.

Bigger government, though popular, just reminds me of powerful pastors and leaders in the church who say they know what’s best for the people, who spend the people’s money, who dictate what a true relationship with God should look like and be… it just doesn’t work and is 100% of the time, corrupt.

On the other hand, when the people are given more freedom (aka power), it seems that they begin to care for, for example, the poor from compassion, whether they are believers in God or not.  So you don’t need the people at the top having to take care of it for you. If our hearts get right we don’t need people to make those big decisions about our money or our faith or how we are to serve for us. That seems more like God’s character to me.

That’s the end of my thoughts on this for now.

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One thought on “big government and my beliefs about God

  1. RIGHT ON!!! Shannon. I totally agree with your profound assessment. Picked up the Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning this morning and opened to the chapter,”Freedom from Fear.” If you have the book check it out. It’s exactly what your talking about. God gave us the freedom to explore freedom…without fear. Part of the joy of the journey is the exploration, which we get to do without fear simply by the undisputable fact that God loves us. Freedom to mess up and then learn from that. Freedom to love and get hurt and feel the pain and then learn that love is still the best way…the only way! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! I think the devil (in whatever form he may take) hates our God given Freedom….wants to stop it (whenever and where ever it’s possible) because of the joy and peace we can have walking in it. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Love Ya,

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