made of laughter and light

I wrote this for someone I love:

She is made of laughter and of light. She spread her warmth wherever she went. She told of love and dreams and of meeting angels. She fought the dark things in the night for the sake of her children. One dark day, she lost him. He was tiny and new and his heart had stopped beating here. By the time she found out he was already alive again with the One who made him. That was the day, that dark day, that she couldn’t come out of the grip of night.

Every once in awhile I see glimpses of the old her… the laughter and light peek through and remind us that she still IS. Though there is a heavy blanket of sorrow wrapped around her I know that she still shines like the sun underneath it. She still warms people with her eyes when they are clear and her mind is at peace… in those rare, rare moments.

So now, we fight for her. We fight the dark things for her sake. We grieve and look for angels because we love her and hope for her to be who she is again.


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