Despite the difficult stuff going on in our family, despite the things happening in politics and in our country, despite the fact that the bank balance is dwindling… things are worth being happy about!!

Here are mine:
-Patrik (I love him and he loves me)
-My stepsons are sweet people and really cute
-Eli (I love that child!!)
-Food to eat and money in the bank to pay bills
-My family
-I have a job
-I get to be creative and take pictures and design a website for my photography
-I am reading books that make me feel hopeful and more stirred up inside about creativity than I have felt for a long time.
-I have a starbucks sitting on my desk right now. 🙂
-I am pretty healthy
-I have already laughed this morning.
-I have hope and where I don’t have hope, I have faith that some will appear and that I will learn a lot from it
-Where I don’t feel so brave about a certain situation, I can pray and God listens
-I am really loved and God knows what we all need… and doesn’t just know, but is actively helping, even when we can’t see the help yet in the physical… he loves my nieces, my sister, my parents, me and my little family.
-There is more to discover and learn and hope for.

Aristotle said: “To live happily is an inward power of the soul.” I am praying to learn to appreciate God being with me and the gifts of my life. It will be a whole new outlook for me.

Those are just a few of the things that are good. Woohoo!!!

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