Witness to a Young Girl’s Final Moments

Witness to a Young Girl’s Final Moments

January 22, 2010 – 1:35 PM | by: Orlando Salinas

Its 11:10 Friday morning and the coordinated chaos has begun here in Port-au-Prince.

I’m standing over our engineer mark, behind me in a corner is my photographer, Steve.

We are packed inside the University of Miami’ss Medical Center’s HUGE triage tent, just outside the airport here in Port-au-Prince. This makeshift hospital takes up about 25,000 square feet. It’s been up since yesterday, taking in all kinds of victims of all ages.

There’s a young Haitian girl in her teens who is dying 10 feet from where I’m standing. Doctors, nurses, interns. I hear people yelling and trying to find a way to save her.

I can hear these medical people talking about how she’s not breathing, and then in the next sentence she is.

There are other people talking about getting a truck to take her somewhere else, maybe for better care. But this location is one of the best. She’s not moving. Her eyes were open 20 minutes ago. Now they are not. Doctors are sitting on the floor around her, working so hard to save her.

I see a Chinese photgrapher snapping away pictures of the little girl’s battle to live. I want to tell him to stop, but we are here too, drawn in by the drama. Not to gawk, but we are here. I’m crying as I write this and I’m praying these doctors from the Universty of Miami can save her. Time to pray.

(this story was taken from http://www.foxnews.com)


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