I wonder…

I know God has a plan for me.  Not just because I learned it in Sunday School, but because I really believe it in my gut… because I know Him and I believe Him.  So I wonder, can I do something to change His plans for me?  I have had people prophesy certain things to me and over these past few years I wonder if I’ve effed up enough to have stopped that plan that He had.  Or does grace cover those times in life… were they accounted for by the Almighty… am I still going to do what He created me to do?  I’m not meaning the walking-and-talking-with-God-in-the-cool-of-the-day-like-Adam-and Eve-did kind of plan – I think that’s what He wants for everyone on the planet, to know Him in intimate friendship.  I am talking about those specific tasks and things… like John the Baptist being born to be the kind of man he was and live in the wilderness, eat locusts and honey and proclaim Jesus’ coming.  Like Joseph being sold by his brothers into slavery and ending up in a place of power in Egypt years later so that people, including his family, didn’t starve.  Like Mary being the mother of Jesus.  That’s the kind of thing I am talking about as I wonder about it all.


2 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. i wonder the same thing. i wonder if all the “wrong” choices i have made pulled me so far from what was suppose to be. its hard though when you never really knew what “IT” was to begin with. oh, shannon, i love your realness…..

  2. You have touched on something I believe a lot of us are struggling with my dear sis. “Who am I?”, “What is it I am here for?”, “What am I supposed to be doing?”, “Did I miss it?”, “Did I ‘zig’ when I should have ‘zagged’?” . . . “Have I effed-up too much?” . . . I could reach into the can of shellac and pull out a coating of comfort, “knowing” the “right” thing to say . . . but it would just be shellac.
    I’m right there with ya sis.
    I think we are all learning some new steps.
    Learning to Dance in the Room of Grace . . .

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