blue fence blog

At the end of 2008 I started a blog called Blue Fence ( I was out taking photos in downtown Savannah one day, after having a really rough week and saw a plain light blue fence.  I came home, loaded the photos onto my computer and proceeded to write graffiti messages on the blue fence that were sort of like a graffiti journal.  It was quite healing and creative.  After awhile, I met Patrik, fell in love, got pregnant, got married and stopped writing on the blue fence… but now I think it’d be cool to start writing messages on the fence again and also to put a new spin on it.  If anyone out there has a message that they want me to write on the blue fence (I want to hear original thoughts from you, not someone else’s quote), email it to me at:  Put “blue fence” in the subject line.

Cool.  We’ll see how it goes.


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