follow up on Pat Robertson

I have just watched this youtube link: which shows the CBN Broadcast where Pat Robertson is talking about Haiti. 

The “blessing in disguise” remark did not seem to me to be said in a hateful way. He was saying perhaps they can rebuild things better so maybe this situation is a blessing in disguise.  Hateful, no.  An untimely remark?  Yes, probably not the best thing to say at this time.  Also, when he was talking about the pact with the devil that the Haitians made a some centuries ago, he followed that by saying they have had nothing but disaster after disaster since then and that we should “pray for them and a great turning to God”.  He didn’t sound angry or vindictive.  To me he sounded like a preacher instead like Jesus who, I don’t think, wouldn’t be bringing up things like that at this time.  He would be healing and helping and holding and loving.  So, I take back that angry “screw you” that I wanted to shout at him.  Perhaps I shouldn’t even have posted the scripture that I did. I feel that he is an old man who is in evangelical, American Christian-land who has no sense of timing and who is a bit cut off from compassion (even though he may feel some) in bringing up their past at this time.  I think what he said is STUPID. I mean, did the Jews make a pact with the devil thus bringing on the Holocaust?  NO.  Sheesh.  That is some warped preaching.  I don’t even think that his history was correct.  No wonder people think that Christians are wacko.  Maybe I do still want to tell him “screw you”.  I don’t know.  Anyhow…

Forgive my post without really hearing the broadcast for myself.  And Linda, thank you for asking me the question that helped me watch the broadcast for myself! (which I will do from now on before posting. Lesson learned!)

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