enjoying the quiet

I am home from work an hour early. I have gotten to feed and cuddle and kiss Eli (and change a dirty diaper!). The house is a mess.  There are clean clothes stacked on the bed.  There are dirty clothes on the floor of the bathroom.  The table has junk piled up on it.  We did not do the dinner dishes last night because we were so tired.  There is baby stuff everywhere.  Yet instead of giving in to the urge to clean it all up before Patrik gets home from work I am sitting here savoring the quiet of the house, the TV being turned off, the cooing of the baby as he sits in his bouncy seat and plays with toys as he learns to reach for them, and I am reading a book (miracle of miracles!)  I even took some time to shoot a few pictures around the house as the afternoon sun was coming through the windows… I love the way the evening light makes normal things in my house seem beautiful.

It’s really pleasant to just take a few moments to chill and enjoy the day.


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