an interesting situation…

An interesting situation has come up with Patrik’s (my husband’s) mom.  She is Italian (like from Italy Italian)  and Catholic and called tonight from Atlanta asking if we would consider having Elijah baptized.  Now, the first time I met her she and I were sitting at the kitchen table at her house and she was asking me about being a missionary in the UK.  She told me, “I love Jesus!” and I believed her.

As far as I understand, in the Catholic church it is a belief that if the baby is not baptized and dies, they will not go to heaven.  I do not believe that.  I know God’s character and what the scriptures say about the age of accountability and grace so I have no doubt that babies are with Jesus as soon as they pass away from this life. That being said, it does not bug me that she asked us if he can be baptized (and she means in a Catholic church).  I think it is out of love that she is saying it.  I have to be honest…  it’s a bit weird, I feel very peaceful to say that we don’t mind having him baptized in the Catholic church.

God is funny.  Here is me, who he specifically called out of the organized church years ago to go to the people who will never be in American church as we know it (and I was so happy and RELIEVED when He called me in that direction!!), at peace with my child being baptized in the Catholic church.  I don’t know why I have instant peace about it. I wonder what will come of it? Some new doors opened? New things in family relationships?



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