we are all spartacus now

I was looking at a new (new to me) website this morning called bigjournalism.com.  The title of one of the posts was: Welcome to the Fight: We Are All Spartacus Now.  It caught my attention, not only because of the current political and social climate, but because in many other ways we who are on the outskirts of the norm as far as the ways we worship or see the church and the world are a bit like the slave who led a revolt against an empire.

And that’s the end of me drawing parallels there because I think he died in battle against the empire with the other slaves fighting with him.  

Mostly, I just thought the statement was a cool one… Welcome to the Fight: We Are All Spartacus Now… We are all people who have been held in slavery in one way or another (unseen slavery to wealth or sadness or anger or guilt, old systems of religion, being held down by our genders in the church, our pasts, etc.) and we have begun to respond and awaken to the Spirit’s movement in our hearts and in our midst as individuals, taking responsibility for ourselves as a part of the Body of Jesus, the Church, and we know we don’t have to live under that slavery anymore.


(and I just have to say that you should google “Spartacus” and take a look at some of the goofy 1960’s pictures from the film come up. It’s hilarious)


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