My friends Gaz and Steve from Bournemouth, England set off on a road trip across Europe and Africa a couple of days ago. They intend to meet up with individuals and groups throughout Europe who are fighting the fight to stop the trafficking of children as sex slaves. Their trip is intended to raise money for a magazine in Moldova that is involved in uncovering the sex trading of children. Click here to read of their first day’s experience and here to read their November 2009 blog entry that explains what they’re doing in their own words.

As I scanned down their site and read of the horrific experiences of the children I was not wanting to continue reading. Then I came across a video where a man named Rob Morris addresses exactly what I was feeling.  He says that when we hear dark stories we tend to recoil and not want to hear anymore, but that it is courageous to remember the children and hear their stories… because there are also stories of redemption and there are many people working to help bring them freedom and love.  So, I encourage you to watch the video and subscribe to the blog to keep up with Gaz and Steve’s experiences on their trip.


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