new creations and insecurity

I saw this quote at the end of a friend’s email the other day. It really hit me. I am not often willing to be insecure. I am always trying to show my best side and please people. I often worry about what others think. I try to write what people will like or get something from sometimes instead of trying to freely write what is in my heart (sometimes I am able to do that, but not every time I write).

So, when we’re talking about being free followers of Christ who bring Him truly to the people we meet simply (and profoundly) because He lives in us, this quote really hits home with me. Can I be free enough to be me and do what’s being stirred inside my heart by God or will I keep hiding and pleasing others because of insecurity? (I also think this has to do with things going on in our country right now… politically and socially. It takes a lot to speak of your beliefs on these fronts too… again, the willingness to be insecure could be a powerful tool in these cases as well.)

If my willingness to be insecure (or mocked or not accepted or not understood) can open the door to heaven touching people and earth… well, that is something to really consider and try to step towards.  I think it really is just another way to be real and honest.

(This photo is of Andrew somewhere on the south island of New Zealand. I think it was taken way back in 2002.)

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