this morning at McDonald’s

Patrik is sick.  So this morning I took off to go to Walgreen’s to get him some meds.  On the way home I stopped by McDonald’s to get us some breakfast.  The line at the drive-thru was long so I parked and walked inside.  There were four or five people in line in front of me and (of course) only one McDonald’s worker taking orders.  After ordering I began chatting with the guy who had been in line in front of me.  He was dressed in sweats and was wearing his hat backwards. I had noticed how friendly he was to the McDonald’s workers.  We waited around forever for our food. When his was ready they told him apologetically that it would be three more minutes until the hashbrowns were ready. His response? He smiled really big at the lady and said, “Three minutes… hmmm… I think I can spare three minutes.  It should be okay that it’s holding me up from going home and spending the day playing Worlds of Warcraft. Three minutes will be just fine!”  He had them all laughing.  Then he turned around to me and said, “These people are working for practically no money. I can handle chilling out while they cook my hashbrowns.” From there our conversation led to him telling me how some fundalmentalist Christian lady had gotten him fired from his three year job at Books-A-Million because he’d tried to sell her a Harry Potter book.  Random conversation.  Seemingly pointless blog entry.  What I’m trying to get at is this: You never know how much your kindness will change someone else’s day.  He changed mine. So did an old guy on the street downtown last week.  He simply smiled the sweetest smile at me and it changed my attitude as I walked down the street. From there I smiled at a little old man walking his dog. When I smiled at him his face lit up! And then he waved at me. It was fantastic. 

You never know what the people around you are going through whether they’re someone in line ahead of you or the worker behind the counter. I’m not saying all this in a “pay it forward” kind of way, though that’s a pretty cool concept.  I’m saying that everybody is precious to God.  Everyone counts. Everyone has a life inside of them that I know nothing about. And if Jesus wants to teach me how to love and to remember not to be an impatient, bitchy person at McDonald’s, I’ll take it.

This Cherry Ghost song (People, Help the People) always sets me to thinking about the preciousness of human beings and the potential God must see in us all through His love:


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