get your priorities straight, people!

Okay, I am going to say this once and for all (and I am not going to open this up to comments because so many of us have so many different view points and this post is not intended to discuss everyone’s views on saving the planet, global warming or any other related subjects):

(1) I do not believe in global warming. I believe in natural climate change and do not believe humans are going to kill the planet by driving SUV’s or breathing out CO2.

(2) It appalled me to read the comments following a prophetic word about the coming year today on Martin Scott’s website.  I hardly ever read prophetic stuff like this anymore yet today I did and found it very encouraging and interesting.  In the prophetic word the guy was explaining how God showed him some truth through seeing oil wells.  He believes God was saying new deposits of oil will be found in the physical and supernaturally speaking new things uncovered and new life for places that have previously been experiencing physical and spiritual hardships.  The comments after the prophetic word were discussing how they were horrified by the new oil well imagery and how the last thing we need to be burning is more oil.  It goes on from there.

So, what’s my point?  GIVE ME A FRICKING BREAK PEOPLE. IT WAS A PROPHETIC WORD USING OIL IMAGERY AND POSSIBLY FROM GOD ABOUT PHYSICAL OIL BEING FOUND AND SPIRITUAL OIL. So, what… if God wants more oil to be found and it gets found are you going to go fight it because you’ve gone GREEN??  What about the supernatural part of it? Beautiful, new, life giving fountains of oil from heaven springing up to give light, to give new life to people. (And doesn’t the Bible say that the natural speaks of the invisible???)

SHEESH.  I love the earth – I do! but I love people MORE. And I think Christianity has been infiltrated by the Green movement. 

God help us.