I looked at the splinter in her eye

I am a hypocrite.  For well over a year I’ve judged her and then I realized… I do the same exact thing.

I’m not sure how to stop, but I hope that I can stop judging.

I just wanted it documented.  I am a total hypocrite (and it doesn’t feel nice inside, but somehow it’s good to realize it because it gets ugly in there and that hypocrisy has taken a lot of energy out of me).


2 thoughts on “I looked at the splinter in her eye

  1. Dearest Booyo… the awesome thing about this is that we are ALL hypocrites. Of course we cannot fix the True North of our hearts… which I know you know… I think what I’m trying to communicate here is that it’s FINALLY dawning on me that I have stumbled over many an obstacle in life looking side to side at the people walking this road with me instead of gazing ahead & fixing my sight on Christ. It is our “human condition” under the fall & cannot be avoided. The BEST part about this part of our brokenness, though, is that Christ still redeems & sanctifies us even as we bite it & fall on our faces over and over again… EVEN WHEN we stare at other’s lives instead of the Life of the Father. It is a HUGE RELIEF to know that I cannot do life on my own & I cannot muster up the holiness to change the state of my heart – but CHRIST’s INITIATING LOVE turns my greatest hypocrisies into offerings because HE is holy – and as my Father, calls me holy as well. SWEET RELIEF… (I hope my ramblings make a lick of sense.) I LOVE YOU SHAN!!

    • To paraphrase Jung; “failure to acknowledge the shadow in us is what leads to all sorts of evil” . . .

      So yes; I too am a hypocrite. And there is a dark part of me that I do not want to be but if I try to deny, hide or stuff . . . it all comes out in bad (and there is the possibility of it being very bad) ways.

      And yet letting it have free reign is not . . . definitely NOT . . . good. But there is a difference between “acknowledging” and “embracing”.

      The Good News is that our shadow poses no obstacle or hindrance to Papa God. “Shadow” and “Darkness” are not things. They have no reality. They are a manifestation of what is lacking . . . and that is light. And it is in the Light of His Love that our shadows are dissolved and we are transformed.
      Fear tells us to run and hide. Hide our shadows, stay in the dark. Fear says that coming into the Light will be ultimate pain. That we will loose love and that there will be rejection. But fear lies for it knows that the only thing that will truly die is itself.

      So acknowledge the shadow and come with boldness into the Presence of His Love and Light. Bring your shadows, your pains, your hopes, your hypocrisies and . . . most importantly . . . your fears.
      And watch the wondrous transformation that takes place.
      Of course, it will take a lifetime. But that’s part of The Journey.
      Amazing Grace, indeed.

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