“People say to me. ‘What about the rich?’ They need Jesus too.’ Well, that’s fine if you’re called to them, but we’re called to the poor. The rich can look after themselves.” Jackie Pullinger

I think it’s important for me to know who I am called to.  Yes, I am to love all people, but in a different way.  If I don’t know who I am called to than I am aimless.  And, just as a side note, I think it’s easy to know who you’re called to once you’ve met them and felt more alive in their presence than ever before.  I was definitely called to the people that we met while doing the night club chaplain thing in Bournemouth.  I hope to meet up with them again some day… maybe it won’t be the same people and faces, but they will be my people and I will know it.  Until then, Jesus, help me love those I am with daily here and now.  Help.  Amen.

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