who is Jesus of Nazareth?

Brennan Manning (speaking about waking up years ago in a gutter, after he began to follow Jesus, in an alcoholic fog and what Jesus has shown him since then): “…and the God I’ve come to know, the Jesus I have met in my own life loved me as much that  morning in a state of disgrace as He does tonight in a state of grace. For His compassion is never, NEVER, never based on our performance. It knows no shadow, alteration or change. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Isaiahan prophecy.  The bruised reed of your life He will not crush, and the smoldering wick He will not quench… This night will you let Jesus come to you on His terms?  Will you let Him love you as you are and not as you should be? Because nobody [here] is as they should be.” He goes on to say, “The day you surrender in faith, in unwavering trust, in reckless confidence to the compassion of Jesus in your life, I promise you, every trace of shame, guilt, remorse, self-hatred, self-condemnation, will vanish from your life.  Jesus Christ is not simply a bit of information in the Bible. He is the transformation, the transforming power of God!  And this night when you surrender in your brokenness, in your sinfulness, in your darkness, in your emptiness, in your phoniness, when you come to Jesus and say, ‘Here I am, it’s all I got” and let Jesus come to you on His terms. Let him come to you as the Son of Compassion. Let Him bring healing to your heart. Total forgiveness for every sin of your past life. Let Jesus be who He is: Your Savior.”

What I long for with every fiber of my being is to surrender to Jesus the Compassionate One tonight and for the guilt of debt to be lifted. For the worry to be lifted. I am not excited about the future. I want to be excited about the future! I want to enjoy today!! I long to be so close to Jesus in my normal life that I get taken apart and and I want to have the desperate, beautiful, aching, often ignored NEED for Him to be filled!!!

So, I encourage you to get a cup of coffee and sit down for an hour to hear what he has to say.

I like what he says in the end, “May all your expectations be frustrated.  May all your plans be thwarted.  May all your desires be withered into nothingness that you may experience the powerlessness and poverty of a child and sing and dance in the compassion of God who is Father, Son and Spirit. Amen.”



4 thoughts on “who is Jesus of Nazareth?

  1. Totally amazing post… you must be just in the right place… I pray that you have the courage to keep feeling and living from your heart and that all the provision will come even in the midst of struggle!!! You are amazing Shannon… I have always felt that and still do… I am sooooo happy to read your words again! I resonate deeply with where you are!!!
    Love you much

    • Whitney, you made me cry. Thank you for your encouragement and for telling that you are resonating – it’s good to know what is in your heart too!! You are precious!!! Thank you. xxxx

  2. Hello Shanny,
    Wonderful to read your heartfelt thoughts. Love this You Tube video by Brennan. I have it saved on my computer also. The battle seems to be believing that God our Father loves us that much…and always. The concept is mind blowing; the reality not so easy to embrace. The truth is we love ourselves, we just don’t like ourselves. We see our weakness, our failings our inability to stop repeating the same, dare I say it, sins. In the book “LET GO” by Fenelon, he writes a letter entitled,WEAKNESS PREFERABLE TO STRENGTH and PRACTICE BETTER THAN KNOWLEDGE. He goes on to point out all the “advantages” of coming to grips with our own weakness. I think more clarity of truth is received when we are weak and know it, than when we think we are strong and doing well. A famous disciple of Jesus once said, “When I’am weak, then I’am strong.” In that place of seeing our own weakness, the revelation of His love for us becomes even more powerful. It is the revelation of that great love that really makes us strong. I’m learning to let go of many things that I’ve learned in the past that I thought were helping me to be a strong christian. I’m trying to just embrace one thing and one thing only….His love for me. You have always been one of kindred spirit with us and we see in you one who calls to God from “deep unto deep.” Just keep being who you are, it’s all good in God’s eyes.

    • Matt!! Thank you so much for what you said. I know what you are saying, so much. It’s in this place of weakness that I am currently finding that I can go one of three ways… I can either stay where I’m at and repeat this pattern, I can recognize my weakness and blog about some Jesus stuff but really only beat myself up for my sins and mistakes and place that I am at right now financially, spiritually, etc. or I can accept that I am accepted and loved… I want to know the power of His love even though it sort of freaks me out to think about experiencing it. I really do want to abandon the fear and hug Jesus and feel so loved and move on deeper and more free.

      I love you!!!!

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